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Gimme Shelter: The Digital Sukkah Experience

October 5, 2012


Gimme Shelter: The Digital Sukkah Experience is an online audiovisual installation that explores and reimagines the themes of Sukkot: home and shelter; roots and rootlessness; hospitality; permanence and transience.

The Experience is composed of three distinct components:

  • the video project, we are not permanent but we are not temporary,
  • the audio project, Sonic Sukkah, and
  • the virtual photography installation, Built: A Virtual Sukkah (presented in collaboration with the Contemporary Jewish Museum and the the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival).

Video Project: we are not permanent but we are not temporary
A series of four videos that explore and re-imagine the core themes of Sukkot.
Created by performer Sean San José, choreographer Nina Haft, visual artist Wendy McNaughton, the documentary production company Citizen Film, Hip-Hop music/theater collective Felonious and HKL Films.

Audio Project: Sonic Sukkah
Artists, musicians, writers and community leaders voice their thoughts on the themes of home and shelter, collectively representing the diversity and complexity of contemporary American Jewish identity.

A Virtual Photography Installation: Built / A Virtual Sukkah
Young adults and teens investigate their surroundings by creating images based on the guidelines for building a sukkah and sharing their work on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. The most compelling entries will be exhibited by the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and the Contemporary Jewish Museum in the JCCSF’s online publication, 3200 Stories. Built is a program of Citizen Film and the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

Produced and Curated by Dan Wolf for 3200 Stories in association with the JCCSF

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