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The Natan Fund literature grant

October 25, 2012

The Natan Book Award will support and promote a breakthrough book intended for mainstream audiences that can catalyze communal conversations around the kinds of issues that Natan addresses in its grantmaking: the reinvention of Jewish life and community for the 21st century, changing notions of individual and collective Jewish identity, and the evolving relationship between Israel and world Jewry.  The Book Award committee, , co-chaired by Natan board member Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic) and Natan member Franklin Foer (The New Republic), features prominent figures from the media, publicity, literary, and philanthropy worlds.

The Award pioneers a new model in literary philanthropy: it is a two-stage award, offering at most $50,000, to be divided in two stages.  Stage One will feature a cash award to the author of up to $15,000 to be used during the writing process.  Stage Two offers customized support for the marketing and publicity of the book, up to the full amount of the remaining funds.  In Stage Two, we expect to work with experts in the literary, publishing, and publicity worlds to customize a digital and in-person marketing and publicity strategy, and to actively connect the author and the book with the multiple, nontraditional Jewish and philanthropic networks of which Natan is a part.  The goal is to catalyze a robust public discourse on the topics the book addresses, creating broad and diverse exposure for the book and true engagement with the book’s issues, especially for new and nontraditional audiences.

Other details:

* applicants must already have a publishing contract to apply

* the book must be in English – either written originally in English or with plans to be translated into English

* the book cannot yet have been published: for Stage Two to work, we need to engage with the book, author, and publisher just as the book is coming out

General inquiries about the Award can be sent to me or to Jackie Fishman, our Program Officer, at  Natan is extremely grateful to the Charles H. Revson Foundation for providing partial support for the Natan Book Award.

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