Mark Knopfler Bio – A Musician Of All Trades

Mark Knopfler can be considered a musician of all trades, having branched his career out as a composer, songwriter and of course a singer/producer. He is known for being part of the band Dire Straits up until the band parted ways. Not only that, he has released many albums on his own, and has put out multiple scores for films.

Mark Knopfler is also known for working with many musicians, and he is a very accomplished guitarist. As a producer, one of the stars he worked with and produced an album for was Tina Turner. The man has continued to have great success throughout his career because of his ability to continuously search out new avenues and network with important people. Of course, his talents also have a great deal to do with his successful career as well.

Born in Scotland, Knopfler was into music at an early age, participating and helping form bands and making a name for himself. All throughout his continued studies, Knopfler always found himself in a band, seeking out what was next. He would make demo albums and continue to get even better at playing the guitar.

He has also been employed by Loughton College as a lecturer, so the man has made his rounds on the way up. Knopfler really achieved wide acclaim in the late 70’s and 80’s, and while his popularity declined somewhat since its peak, he has continued to achieve popular success with a large fan base.

Of course, the 90’s would be when Dire Straits split, and Kopfler took some time off. But, his career has seen a resurgence in different ways, and he’s received numerous awards over the years. One of the best songs that his band Dire Straits released was ‘Sultans of Swing’ if you remember.