Mark Knopfler Bio – A Musician Of All Trades

Mark Knopfler can be considered a musician of all trades, having branched his career out as a composer, songwriter and of course a singer/producer. He is known for being part of the band Dire Straits up until the band parted ways. Not only that, he has released many albums on his own, and has put out multiple scores for films.

Mark Knopfler is also known for working with many musicians, and he is a very accomplished guitarist. As a producer, one of the stars he worked with and produced an album for was Tina Turner. The man has continued to have great success throughout his career because of his ability to continuously search out new avenues and network with important people. Of course, his talents also have a great deal to do with his successful career as well.

Born in Scotland, Knopfler was into music at an early age, participating and helping form bands and making a name for himself. All throughout his continued studies, Knopfler always found himself in a band, seeking out what was next. He would make demo albums and continue to get even better at playing the guitar.

He has also been employed by Loughton College as a lecturer, so the man has made his rounds on the way up. Knopfler really achieved wide acclaim in the late 70’s and 80’s, and while his popularity declined somewhat since its peak, he has continued to achieve popular success with a large fan base.

Of course, the 90’s would be when Dire Straits split, and Kopfler took some time off. But, his career has seen a resurgence in different ways, and he’s received numerous awards over the years. One of the best songs that his band Dire Straits released was ‘Sultans of Swing’ if you remember.

Paul Simon’s Legacy

Paul Simon was born in October of 1941 in Newark, NJ, and is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. When the family moved to Queens in New York City, Simon was interested in baseball and music.

His career began when he met Art Garfunkel when they were both age 11, as they were both in a sixth grade play. They began singing together when 13, performing at various school activities. They patterned themselves after the Everly Brothers and you can hear the close two-part harmony in their music. Simon also became very engrossed in the blues, jazz and folk songs. Their first song was one where Simon’s dad wrote the words and the chords down on a piece of paper, and that paper is now in the Library of Congress as the first Simon and Garfunkel song.

Both boys went on to college and earned degrees, but Simon was more interested in Rock’N Roll. From 1957 to 1964, Simon wrote, performed and recorded whenever he got the chance and formed a couple of groups with friends. A few of his records reached 99 and 100 on the charts, but nothing of note really came from that effort except a lot of experience.

Clive Davis was impressed enough with the now together Simon and Garfunkel to sign them with Columbia records, and they did an album called Wednesday Morning, 3AM, but it flopped.

Meanwhile, back in the US, American radio stations began getting requests for “The Sound of Silence,” and it eventually went Number 1 on the charts, and Simon and Garfunkle were on their way.

More songs and more exposure brought most of their more famous songs concerning parsley, bridges, and “Mrs Robinson”after the movie. Simon and Garfunkel eventually broke up, but Simon had a very successful solo career after that and has won numerous awards including 12 Grammys and was inducted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame.

Detailed Mike Bloomfield Bio

Mike Bloomfield is a musician that is best known for being one of the pioneering artists of modern blues and rock and roll. He is best known for his revolutionary guitar playing. Many individuals compare Mike Bloomfield to legends such as Jimi Hendrix in regards to his extraordinary skills in guitar playing. A lot of people who are interested in the history of music often wonder about the great story behind Mike Bloomfield. Thus, it’s for this reason that this article will serve as a comprehensive Mike Bloomfield bio.

Bloomfield was born in Chicago during the early 1940s. From an early age, Bloomfield was known to be very good with music, such as playing instruments. Thus, it goes to no surprise that he decided to pursue at as a career very early on in his life. During the beginning of his career, Bloomfield was met with quite a lot of criticism due to the fact that he had quite an unorthodox sound at the time. Of course, his sound would actually be considered quite modern from a modern perspective, however, this was not the case at that time.

With that being said, Bloomfield was still able to see an immense amount of success during the late 1960s and 1970s. Many coin this age as the golden age of rock and roll as well as blues. Thus, during this entire period Bloomfield was known for performing great concerts and wowing concert goers with his extraordinary entertaining skills and guitar skills. Bloomfield ended up dying at a very young age, in his thirties, due to what many people theorize to be a drug overdose. With that being said, there never has been an official cause of death for Mike Bloomfield.

This concludes this short, yet comprehensive Mike Bloomfield bio.