Ignaz Friedman Bio – Famous Polish Composer & Pianist


Ignaz Friedman was an accomplished and well-renowned pianist and composer during the early to mid 20th century. He actually began his career as a child during the late 19th century as a prodigy, studying with some of the greats.

Friedman left and fled to Australia during World War II, at first to perform, and overall to move there to live for the rest of his life. While he is famous for his compositions, there aren’t as many recordings of him playing as you might think due to the timing of his career. As you can imagine, these recordings that do exist are revered and have been made into digital recordings.

Not only was Ignaz Friedman a composer and pianist, but he was also a respected teacher. He taught some famous pianists, and so its his planting of seeds that he is also remembered for. His compositions were influenced by some of his favorite composers, like Chopin and J. S. Bach.

His concert in Vienna in 1904 was a big moment for him. After being a child prodigy and moving up, he had officially debuted his own live music to the world, concert style. There was a certain rhythmic suaveness to his style, and he has established himself within a unique niche, which unfortunately has not found itself as prominent on the current market.

Still, his music is very well-respected. And, it should be mentioned that while his few recordings was attributed to the time at which his career was launched, it is also due to many of his recordings being lost. Although, this isn’t uncommon, again due to the ‘timing’ of his career in regards to technology, which is again goes full circle to the same reason mentioned before. Ultimately, he is remembered as a great composer during an era in which there were many greats.