Sarah Abitbol – Ice Skater

Sarah Abitbol brings a high level of intensity to the ice. You have to realize how important it was for her, and her country to win a medal in doubles figure skating. The people of France were very proud of her efforts. When you look back at her career, you begin to realize that she always skated with dignity and class.


You will find that her greatest work may have come in the 1998 Nagano Winter Games. You still her out there making appearances on different televisions, ice shows trying to inspire young girls to go into skating. You see Sarah Abitbol leading a solid personal life, off of the ice. Young girls need to know that if you live a solid personal life off of the ice that this can lead to a large number of endorsements as well.

Ice skating can move at a very high speed, but it can also be very majestic. Sarah Abitbol is such an inspiration because she understands the majesty of a given skating program. You have to be able to understand your audience and enchant them. Sarah is able to do this on a global stage when it comes to ice skating fans. Her fans also have to make a note of how you can always get an autograph, a picture from Sarah. You may even find that she is able to throw in a word of encouragement.


You have to learn how to work as a part of a team in life, and Sarah can help you learn how to work within a team. You can spend a fair amount of time on the ice and see the necessity of working as a team member. Ice skaters have to go through a large amount of training. You need to know that his amount of training takes a certain amount of dedication. Whatever you do for a long term career, you should put a certain amount of dedication into it to be successful.


Sarah also picks very inspirational songs to skate to for fun. You need to know that people can be inspired by a great song to hit the ice. You have to be able to find a reason to smile and actually learn how to entertain the fans as a young skater. Sarah did this as she was winning medals. Ice skating in Buffalo NY can be an excellent place to start.