The Helen Reddy Saga

Helen Reddy was born in October of 1941 in Australia and is an Australian singer, actress and an activist. Her songs gained international acclaim and was a spokesperson for feminine equality.

Reddy was born into a family who was already well established in show business, and at the age of 4 years old she was in the Australian Vaudeville circuit with her family. Claiming that she would never be a professional entertainer, she got married as a teenager, which did not work out, even though she had a daughter, Traci, so she went back to performing.

She won a talent contest in Australia, in which the prize was a trip to New York to audition with Mercury Records. She thought it was to cut a record, but the audition failed and she was left in New York with only $200 and Traci.

She remarried Jeff Wald, an erstwhile record producer and sometimes agent. Things went up and down, with Reddy supporting the both of them for awhile, but finally Wald moved them to Los Angeles and in 1971 she recorded a Mac Davis song, “I Believe In Music,” and the flip side of “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar, as DJ’s began to play the B side of the record, and Helen was on her way to stardom.

When her next hit,”I Am Woman” hit the charts, that really solidified her position as not only a talented and determined singer, but as a spokesperson for the up and coming feminist movement. Over the next five years, Reddy had over a dozen hits that made a real impact, and she was in her own realm when writing them.

The total sales figures for ready are tallied at over 10 million single records and 15 million albums for US sales and over 25 million in sales for albums worldwide.