The Life and Career of Eric Carmen

For most of the 70s and 80s, there were few singers that maintained the popularity that Eric Carmen did. His work is still enjoyed by fans old and new even now in the 200s, but few people are familiar with the story behind the man.

What follows is the most pertinent information about the legend Eric Carmen:

The Early Years

Eric Carmen was born into music. He was singing and entertaining family and friends by the age of three, and began an official instrumental education as early as age six. His rock and roll influence began in his early teens (like many others at the time). His musical prowess allowed him to self teach himself on the guitar, kick starting what would become a long, productive career in rock.

Pre-Solo Career

Carmen joined his first band during college. Like most college bands, Carmen and his cohorts did not see very much success. When he joined his second band, The Choir, they saw some local success in the Cleveland local scene.

It wasn’t until joining The Raspberries that Eric Carmen got to enjoy mainstream success. The band did a great job remaining in the public eye (and out of trouble) throughout the 70s, a time where bands came and went at rates never seen before.

Solo Career

Since leaving his band, Carmen has settled into a soft rock genre that has kept him afloat for decades. Everyone knows his biggest hit: All By Myself, and know many others by sound if nothing else.

Although his work in the 2000s has been scattered, Eric Carmen still garners widespread sales and critical success. He spends most of his time with his family these days, proving that even a rock star can bow out of the game in a productive way.