The Story Of Irving Berlin

If you don’t know who Irving Berlin is, then you are missing out on one of the greatest musical influences in American history. There are few that impacted the American Music industry quite like he did. If you get a chance to check out an Irving Berlin bio, you’ll learn some very cool things. Here is what you can expect to read about:

His Immigration To America

Any time that you can hear the story of someone looking to make it in America after coming in with literally nothing, you’re going to want to take notice. Everything about Berlin’s life prior to the beginning of his music career is fascinating: proof that everyone can make it and that sometimes your dreams really are worth following.

World War I and II Involvement

Although he wasn’t a fighter in either World War, Irving played a huge role in both victories. His music was a major rallying point at crucial times in the war, and his point of view on those times is very enlightening. You hear a ton of stories about the front, but it isn’t often that you get to hear about what was happening back at home.

Bringing America Through The Depression

The Great Depression was one of the toughest times in American history. How did we pull through as a people? FDR gets a ton of the credit, but Berlin shouldn’t be too far behind. His music kept people going when they had nothing to go for, as you’ll learn in this biography.

Seems interesting, right? Irving lived a life that very few people can fathom, and his biography is full of stories that will captivate anyone that has an investment in the world of music. Finding a copy of his biography will be fairly easy too, just browse on over to your eBook seller of choice and pick up a copy.