Victor Borge Biography – The Innovative Comedic Musician

Victor Borge was not only a personality on television but also on the radio before that, as well as a star on two continents, Europe and North America. The Great Dane, as he was called as one of his nicknames, was known for being a comedian and using his music as part of his act. Of course, this was just how things were at his peak, as years before, he was a concert classical pianist.

He used his talents in many ways throughout the years and had a career that spanned decades. His nickname ‘The Great Dane’ comes from him being a Danish-born and raised superstar, having moved to America later in the 1940’s. This is where his career continued to take off.

One signature move he was known for was when he would announce that he’s going to perform a song, but he would keep being distracted. He was a comedian, that’s for sure. He was a performer for life, having learned to play the piano and performed for the first time at only eight years old.

Victor Borges was also well-known for his anti-Nazi jokes during his comedy tour. He had to escape his home country of Denmark during World War II. Another thing Borges was popular for was switching types of music mid-song. It was part of how he used music to parlay his comedy routine and mesh the two together.

Borges was truly innovative, and that is what made his career continue to flourish. Want another example of how Borges was innovative? He used literary techniques mixed with a comedic and repetitive recitation of each punctuation symbol of each sentence, including commas, as part of a story-telling routine that really flew over well with the audience. It was his personality that would have to take charge in a situation like that, a situation Victor Borges made into a career.